IMP Electronic Systems’ involvement in the naval industry utilizes most of our electronics capabilities, including wire harness manufacturing, electronics troubleshooting and repair, engineering analysis and obsolescence management, along with the installation of harnesses/assemblies into naval racks.

IMP Electronic Systems’ naval capability was established in the mid to late 1990s under contract with Canada to repair and overhaul the Canadian Navy’s SQR-19 Towed Array Sonar Cans. The cost to repair proposed was a fraction of the cost of replacement and included IMP Electronic Systems’ investment in the design, development, and production of test equipment for every can in the navy’s SQR-19 inventory.

The success achieved with this contract resulted in US Navy contracts for the same system. This capability has since expanded beyond repair and overhaul to include electronics management, cable assembly manufacturing, installation, engineering and avionics support for naval vessels, including submarine requirements.